Made In The USA

US BLANKS: Proudly Made in the USA

We believe in better.

US Blanks believes that American Made is better – better quality, better for our people and economy, better turn times and better control. As an American manufacturer, we treat our workers fair and pay decent living wages – offering benefits and 401K options to ALL our employees.

Made in the USA isn’t a marketing angle for us – it is the foundation of our company.  US Blanks has always been ‘Made in the USA’. Our entire collection is made in USA - right here in Los Angeles – the heart of the domestic apparel manufacturing industry in America. Even our fabrics are all knitted and dyed here in LA.

And that’s good news for everyone – the better we do, the more jobs we can create, the more American fabric we buy, and the more our local economy strives.

So, yes, we believe in better.

Many studies show that the average T-shirt travels over 15,000 miles from its raw material stage, through the supply chain, and finally to the back of an average US consumer.

By sourcing and producing locally we immediately reduce the environmental impact in every product we produce compared to our competitors that import garments and materials from all around the globe.

Our fabric travels less than 5 miles from our knitting mill to us!

At US Blanks, our entire collection is designed and crafted in America. From concept and development to fabric production at our textile mill, and in-house garment cut and sew.

We produce our fabrics locally through our partner knit and dye facility, currently the largest textile mill in the USA, outputting millions of yards of fabric weekly.