Products & Fabric
Where are your products made?
All of our products, from the yarn forward, are made in the heart of Los Angeles.
Where do you get your fabric from?
Our fabric is knitted and dyed right here in Los Angeles – most of it in our partner mill that is only a 20 min drive from our building. We get as much of our yarn as we can from the US too.
What is garment dye?
Garment dye is a process where the shirt is made in a ‘natural’ fabric that is ready to be dyed, and then the garment is dyed in large machines that look like giant washing machines. This process gives the garments a more vintage look, and a softer hand. Most t-shirt shirts are made from fabric that is already dyed.
Do you offer any sustainable options?
Yes – we are big into sustainable options. We feature 100% recycled fabric (Recover®), organic cotton, hemp blended with organic cotton, and Modal blends.
Is your organic fabric certified?
Yes, our organic fabric is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified.
What is Recover® fabric?
OK, so this textile system will blow your mind! The fabric mill collect 100% cotton scraps – some are post-consumer, some are cuttings and scraps from factories. They arrange the fabric scraps by shade in a huge color library, then when they want to create a color yarn, they mix the colors together using a recipe – similar to getting the perfect paint color. No extra dye is used, giving the final yarn a low water footprint.  
What is Modal made from?
Modal yarn is made by spinning cellulose fiber from Beech tree pulp. Yep – you heard that right! We knit this into a jersey that is wonderfully silky and soft.
What does the Hemp fabric look like close up?
Hemp is a little like linen – the texture and hand is a little rougher, and the yarn is little more uneven. Knitted hemp can also can have a slightly wrinkled look to it. But its’ natural quality is matched by its durability and sustainable qualities.
What is Indigo?
We use what we call TRUE indigo. Indigo is more than just a beautiful, rich blue color. Real indigo dye is sourced from a tropical plant, and is among the oldest dyes to be used for textile dyeing.
Will indigo rub off on my white leather couch?
It’s possible – beware! Although we double-wash the fabric before we cut and sew it, there is a chance residue can rub off onto items you come into contact with. Similar to when you bought that expensive pair of dark indigo denim jeans. Giving it another wash would be the safest route.
What is French Terry?
French Terry is a super popular, and on-trend, type of knitted cloth that is much heavier than a t-shirt fabric, but lighter and more flexible than a heavy fleece. The surface of the fabric is smooth and soft, and the back is either a loop-back or brushed fleece. We use French Terry for sweatshirts, sweatpants and shorts.
What does Sponge Fleece feel like?
Our sponge fleece is really cozy and squishy. It’s pretty lofty without being heavy – like the whipped cream of fleece. The inside is brushed to make it really plush.
Do your garments shrink?
Our premium quality fabrics and construction reduce the shrinkage to 3%-5% - this is much less than most t-shirt brands.  Our garment and laundered shirts shouldn’t shrink since they have already been through a hot wash and dry. But all knitted fabrics have some movement to them, and a lot of that depends on how you wash and dry your garment. Be sure to read the care instructions and take care of them.
Can I wash all your products in a washing machine and dryer?
Yes, but as always we recommend that you closely follow the care and wash instructions on each shirt.
Where can I find size charts?
There are size charts on each product page. Just click where it says ‘Size Charts’ and it will expand to show you the details. If you have more questions, and need measurements that aren’t listed, just email info@usblanks.net or call and speak to sales at 1-323-234-5070 ext 0.
What is the fit of your women’s collection?
Each one of our women’s styles comes with a unique fit specific to that body, our collection ranges from a slim fit (US100) to a contemporary relaxed fit (US115).
I love your collection, do you offer wholesale?
Yes, we offer wholesale to qualified customers, please see our wholesale tab for more information. You can apply for a wholesale account on our website here.
Orders & Shipping
How much does shipping cost and what are my options?
We have a few options for you. The best is … free! Spend over $40 and we will ship your order by FedEx SmartPost for free! If you need goods quicker, we offer 2-Day FedEx and we charge a flat rate of $15.  If you are OK with the standard 2-7 days shipping with SmartPost, that costs less at $8 per order.
What is Fedex Smartpost and how does that work?
FedEx Smartpost is a division of FedEx that works with USPS to deliver your package. FedEx pick up the packages and then hand-off to the local USPS mail people to deliver to your door. #TeamWork!
How long before my order ships?
We work Monday thru Friday and your order should ship within 24 hours from when you place your order.  We try and get orders that come in by noon PST out the same day. If you place your order on a Friday, it might take until Monday to get out the door.
Where do you ship?
Unfortunately we only ship within the USA right now. If you want to place an order for anywhere outside the USA, call our sales department at 1-323-234-5070 ext 0. Or email them at info@usblanks.net. Let’s see what we can do for you!
What forms of payment do you take?
We take the following credit cards - Master Card, Visa and American Express.
What is a back-order, and when will my order ship?
Sometimes we sell out of a style, but most styles are constantly in production and we will ship your order out as soon as the item is ready.  If we cannot fulfill your order for any reason we will let you know ASAP and let you know when we expect the item to be back in stock.
Where is my order? Where can I find my tracking?
Look out for an email from us with your order confirmation and shipping confirmation. Alternatively, if you signed up for an account, go to Order History. You will see a list of all your orders, old and new. Clicking on the order will display both product and tracking information. If you really get stuck, call or email us at info@usblanks.net, 1-323-234-5070.
Can I change/cancel my order?
Please email  info@usblanks.net with your order number and reason of cancellation. 
Returns & Exchanges
What is your return policy?
If you are unhappy with your purchase, you are welcome to return the goods for a full refund within 30 days. Please notify us within 7 days by emailing returns@usblanks.net.
How do I start a return?
Please email returns@usblanks.net with your order number and the reason for your return. They will reply with an approval and a Returns Authorization #. Please write this clearly on the outside of your package and return to:

Returns Warehouse
US Blanks
4726 Loma Vista Ave, Vernon, CA 90058
If your goods were shipped to you by FedEx SmartPost, you will receive a return shipping label in with your goods.  You can leave your package at your own mailbox, drop at a local post office, or at a FedEx location — or choose to go to http://www.usps.gov/pickup/ to request a free USPS package pickup from your home or business address.
I didn’t get a return shipping label. What do I do?
Let us know when you request the refund that you also need a shipping label. We will email one to you that can be printed on a home printer.
When can I expect my refund?
As soon as the goods arrive in our warehouse we receive against your return and process the refund within 24 hours. However, credit card companies might vary in the time it takes them to post the $ back to your account.
How do I return a gift?
All you need is the order number. Email us at returns@usblanks.net to start the process.
What is the return and exchange policy for Sale items?
Sorry but for our sale items, all sales are final.